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Powerful Patent Insights

Easily accessible patent search and analytics to inform innovation and business strategy

Why Choose AcclaimIP™ Patent Search & Analytics?

AcclaimIP’s focus on ease-of-use makes complex patent tasks intuitive and efficient for users with all levels of experience. Conduct research, prune patent portfolios, and assess the competitive patent landscape – quickly, efficiently, and confidently.

to Use

AcclaimIP delivers deep patent insights through a powerful tool made simple. Hundreds of features, yet surprisingly intuitive. Robust analysis without the steep learning curve.

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Unique Features
& Benefits

AcclaimIP stands apart with innovative features that supercharge your patent analysis. Discover some key differentiators that elevate your insights and workflow.

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Integrated with Anaqua IP Software

Streamline your patent workflow with AcclaimIP integrated into Anaqua’s IP software. Seamlessly search and analyze patents without leaving your IP management ecosystem.

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