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Patent Searchers

Patent searchers play a vital role in supporting critical business decisions by providing fast, accurate, and robust patent searches to stakeholders such as attorneys, portfolio managers, product managers, and executives. Decision makers rely on the expertise of patent searchers to make informed assessments regarding patent strategy, product development, and risk management. Patent searchers need a powerful and comprehensive patent search software to fulfill these objectives and deliver high-quality results to their stakeholders.

AcclaimIP software for Patent Searchers

AcclaimIP™ simplifies the patent search process and empowers patent searchers to navigate the complex world of patent data efficiently. With a wide range of advanced features, best-in-class support, and seamless integration with AQX®, AQS, and PATTSYWAVE®, AcclaimIP provides a unified experience for patent research. The platform is designed to help patent searchers streamline their work, uncover valuable insights, and deliver exceptional results to their stakeholders, ultimately driving successful outcomes for their organizations.

Comprehensive Patent Data and Intuitive Interface

AcclaimIP offers patent searchers access to a complete database of global patent data, ensuring that users have the most up-to-date information readily available. The patent database is reindexed weekly, keeping patent searchers informed of the latest patent filings and changes.

AcclaimIP patent software has a familiar window-based interface

Figure 1: The user-friendly windowing interface enables patent searchers to explore patent data seamlessly, making it easy to uncover valuable insights. Customization features empower patent searchers to quickly access bibliographic data and figures in the expander rows of the search results and to customize the document details view to suit specific project needs.


Advanced Search Features and Collaboration Tools

AcclaimIP provides patent searchers with multiple ways to query patent data, catering to various search styles. Patent searchers can use fielded search, a query builder for complex queries, the ability to paste in a list of patents, advanced natural language search, and innovative Search Playbooks designed for specific types of patent searches.

The platform also enables patent searchers to save, organize, and collaborate on their patent research by sharing various assets, including searches, lists of patents, and matrix queries. The Projects feature records searches and documents viewed, making it easy for patent searchers to divide work between projects and stay on top of tasks.

AcclaimIP’s advanced alerts system ensures that patent searchers never miss an important update, with 42 pre-built conditions and the ability to create custom trigger events.

Powerful Visualization, Reporting, and AI-Driven Insights

AcclaimIP’s advanced charts and visualization features enable patent searchers to communicate their findings effectively. Patent searchers can create compelling reports for stakeholders, highlighting the key insights and trends uncovered during their patent search.

AcclaimIP offers pre-configured reports to aid patent decisions as well as AI-generated patent summaries

Figure 2: The platform also offers a unique set of reports that extract key metrics at the point of decision for foreign filing, prosecution decisions, and annuity decisions. Additionally, AcclaimIP integrates generative AI to provide summaries and detailed analysis of patent data, saving patent searchers time and effort in understanding complex patent information.

Extensive Support, Resources, and Best-in-Class Onboarding

AcclaimIP prides itself on providing the best support in the industry, with a team of experts who work closely with new clients during the initial onboarding process and provide ongoing assistance to solve specific patent search tasks.

Other support benefits include:

  • Extensive in-application help and guides to support patent searchers throughout their patent search journey.
  • Over 300 field codes to query for specific conditions in patent data. Experience the difference AcclaimIP can make in your patent search process. Contact our sales team today to request a free trial and unlock the full potential of our powerful patent search tool, designed for patent searchers and professionals.

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