AcclaimIP is part of Anaqua Inc., IP Management Solutions & Services.

Subscription Options

AcclaimIP™ is sold by the seat with the following subscription levels:

Advanced ANALYST

An add-on to the ANALYST subscription containing: search and alert capabilities on examiner citations used in Novelty and Obviousness rejections (that identify your IP as the key prior art blocking new applications); US matter examiner, applicant, art unit, technology center, and agent application prosecution behavior data and analytics; foreign filing suggestion analytics; and family-level citation tie-in, advanced citation data, and proprietary Uncited Prior Art Score metrics.


Includes all capabilities of PRACTICIONER and delivers more detailed analytics, competitive analysis, complex visualizations, and technology and concept landscaping.


Simplified, easy-to-use seat for R&D team use, with everything they need, and data/insight sharing capabilities by their company’s higher-level seat holders.


Includes all capabilities of SEARCHER plus integrated file wrapper details, supporting rapid and intuitive navigation of file wrapper documents.


Optimized for patentability research, prior art searches, and product clearance studies.