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For engineers and inventors working in companies today, having easy access to patent data can be hugely beneficial. However, sifting through dense legal jargon in patents is often a cumbersome process that gets in the way of focusing on the core technology. This is where  AcclaimIP’s Innovator subscription option (what we call the “Innovator Seat”) comes in — it provides innovators, inventors, and engineers with a tailored patent research experience suited to their needs.

AcclaimIP’s Innovator Seat brings the world’s patent data directly to innovators without all the unnecessary legal details that bog down the process. Key benefits include:

  • A simplified and streamlined interface: Allowing users to focus only on the technological descriptions and claims in each patent. This makes absorbing and evaluating large volumes of patents much easier.
  • A secure environment: AcclaimIP uses proprietary patent data within a closed environment. This protects sensitive internal innovation activities from public exposure, while still empowering inventors and engineers with patent research capabilities.
  • Affordability: The AcclaimIP Innovator Seat is designed with value in mind, making it feasible to license across an entire organization’s innovation and R&D departments. Widespread access helps establish a culture of innovation.

Key Features Help Innovators Excel 

AcclaimIP is well-known for a simplified user experience.  For innovators, users can dive right into patent research without a steep learning curve.

The patent search result window in AcclaimIP

Figure 1: The Search Results window simplifies the patent research process for inventors and engineers by focusing on just the technical details they need. All extraneous legal data is removed, allowing users to zero in on core technological descriptions and claims of patent data to help technical specialists absorb and evaluate innovations more efficiently.

  • The grid view enables users to take actions like finding similar patents with one click, viewing PDFs, or saving documents to a folder. This simplifies document analysis and organization.
  • Integration with your company’s invention portal allows for seamless idea research. Innovators can easily connect their patent searches to invention disclosures and evaluations.
  • Core charting capabilities within the Innovator Seat allow users to visualize relationships between patents quickly, which aids in understanding how a patent fits into the broader technology landscape.
  • Work can be organized into folders for better document management. Search results and other patent documents can be quickly saved into project folders, and AcclaimIP maintains all innovators search history, which itself is searchable.
Research folder view in AcclaimIP

Figure 2: Innovators’ projects can be organized into projects using research folders.  If teams are working together the saved patents and searches can be shared between each member.  Documents can be added to research folders from the search results one at a time or in bulk.  Both the document details and search results windows remember the last folder used so new documents can be added with a single click.

  • Patent details are presented in a simplified way that highlights useful technical content while omitting unnecessary legal data and jargon. Users can extract key technological descriptions without sifting through dense legal terminology.
•Patent details are presented in a simplified way that highlights

Figure 3: The overall simplified interface in the Innovator seat keeps technical people focused on the technology.  Notice the simplified tab row is limited to just those elements needed by inventors and engineers.

  • An improved highlighter makes annotating and reviewing patents more efficient. Engineers can mark up and engage with patent documents much faster.
  • Custom/private fields organized into forms can be set up to support specialized patent review workflows. Forms can be pemissioned to allow technical staff to add notes, and, at the same time, keep the legal and business components of the same form visible to only those users who need it. This feature streamlines building workflows and hand-offs between users with varied skill sets.
AcclaimIP enables companies to create tailored patent review workflows for different users

Figure 4: AcclaimIP enables companies to create tailored patent review workflows for different users with private, permissioned fields. For subject matter experts like engineers and scientists, only technical details relevant to their role are shown. Extraneous legal or business data can be hidden, resulting in streamlined workflows.  This level of flexibility ensures patent analysis is optimized for each user’s specialized context.

Patent Insight Geared for Innovators

With the Innovator seat, engineers and inventors no longer waste time digging through irrelevant patent content and legal specifics. By tailoring the experience directly to technical users, AcclaimIP removes friction from patent research.

The simplification of the interface and emphasis on technical descriptions and claims enables innovators to absorb and assess patent information more easily. By putting patent data optimization front and center, AcclaimIP’s Innovator seat empowers innovators, inventors, and engineers to broaden their knowledge and accelerate ideation.

Can your organization benefit by arming your innovators with the world’s patent information?

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