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Unique Features & Benefits

AcclaimIP provides comprehensive access to the world’s published patent data, updated weekly with 150,000 to 200,000 new publications. All patent documents are translated into English while retaining the original language text and PDFs. Legal status events are processed weekly, so you can track the status of each patent.

In this mature industry, patent data itself is no longer a major differentiator. What makes AcclaimIP stand out from competing software is how you can interact with the data and gain unique insights. Learn about unique features that make AcclaimIP more intuitive, insightful, and useful than other patent search and analytics tools.

Intuitive User Experience for More Efficient Research

AcclaimIP uses a windows-style interface for organizing patent data into customizable views tailored to your needs.

Image of AcclaimIP desktop showing several windows including the Annuity Decision Report

Figure 1: Synchronized Navigation – AcclaimIP’s interface links related data windows so when you scroll in the main patent view, the child windows update to show information for the patent currently in focus. This parent-child relationship enables efficient analysis as you navigate seamlessly between connected data.

Powerful Matrix Queries for Easier Patent Landscaping

AcclaimIP has unique tools to build, update, and link complex patent search matrices. Matrices enable patent landscapes and streamline re-running hundreds of queries with one click.

Patent Landscape Analysis – AcclaimIP’s Matrix View

Figure 2: Powerful Landscape Analysis: AcclaimIP’s matrix view allows you to analyze entire landscapes at a glance. Each node contains a patent query, with queries along the x and y axes cross-referenced to reveal relationships. With just one click, you can analyze hundreds of queries across a technology landscape.

Robust Rejection Data

AcclaimIP pioneered incorporating rejection data into patent search. We pull the most timely and complete rejection data directly from office actions, updated weekly.

Patent Rejection Analysis – AcclaimIP organizes rejections in a dedicated tab

Figure 3: Insightful Rejection Analysis – AcclaimIP organizes rejections in a dedicated tab that can be grouped by office action or assignee. This clear presentation of prosecution history gives you the full context to deeply understand how your patent was referenced.

Precise Citations Data

AcclaimIP’s citation data is second to none in accuracy and completeness. We provide direct and family-level citations, deduplicated and clearly presented with category codes, phase codes, relevant claims tags, and paragraph tags. Integrated tooltips explain the codes.


AcclaimIP offers extensive patent citation data and ways to explore it

Figure 4: AcclaimIP has the most complete citation data on the market today giving you new insights into a patent’s impact and risk associated with potential prior art.

Revealing Uncited Prior Art

Only AcclaimIP identifies uncited references likely to be prior art based on examination of related family members. Uncited art that is identified by AcclaimIP is ranked from 0 to 5 by likelihood of relevance.

Intelligent prior art scoring based on examiner’s history – AcclaimIP

Figure 5: Intelligent Prior Art Scoring: AcclaimIP automatically scores examiner citations from 0 to 5 based on their likelihood of being influential prior art. When an examiner cites impactful references not mentioned by other jurisdictions, the platform provides data-driven insights into the art’s potential significance.

Detailed EP Validations

We process EP legal status events to display validated EP countries and current status in our charting tools. AcclaimIP uniquely maps your European protection at the country level.

AcclaimIP simplifies EP patent enforceability analysis

Figure 6: Enforceability at a Glance: AcclaimIP simplifies EP patent enforceability analysis. Legal event codes for validation and annuities are organized in a dedicated tab. The summary panel color codes validated countries to clearly indicate enforceability status. With one click, see where a European grant can be asserted.

Insightful Reports

Users rely on AcclaimIP reports to surface the information needed at key patent lifecycle decision points. Our reports cover foreign filing, prosecution analytics, annuity payments, Orange Book listings, and an overall analysis.

AcclaimIP generates five analytical reports tailored to each stage of the patent lifecycle

Figure 7:  Data-Driven Decision Making – AcclaimIP generates five analytical reports tailored to each stage of the patent lifecycle, ensuring critical data is available when you need it most. From prosecution to annuities, the platform surfaces relevant insights precisely when key decisions need to be made, enabling confident patent decisions.

Interactive Dashboards

Pre-built dashboards enable one-click patent landscapes of your own or competitors’ portfolios. Benchmark your portfolio against others to reveal relative strengths and weaknesses.

AcclaimIP dashboards visualize competitive and technology landscapes through intuitive tabs, presenting key data clearly.

Figure 8: Actionable Intelligence Dashboards: AcclaimIP dashboards visualize competitive and technology landscapes through intuitive tabs, presenting key data clearly. Dashboards can be shown together, benchmarking insights in context for optimal decision making. The streamlined interface transforms complex analytics into accessible strategic intelligence.

Organized Projects

The Projects feature captures search history and documents viewed for each task. Revisit past work easily by date range. Stay organized as a busy researcher.

All AcclimIP searches, analyses, and notes are saved in an accessible project that can be quickly reopened to rerun and update searches

Figure 9: Efficient Project Management – With hundreds of patent projects each year, AcclaimIP keeps your work organized. All searches, analyses, and notes are saved in an accessible project that can be quickly reopened to rerun and update searches. This system enables patent researchers to pick up right where they left off for streamlined workflow.

Customizable Private Fields

Create unlimited private data fields to annotate patents, with robust access controls. Organize fields into forms to display patent data your way. Build workflows.

AcclaimIP uses custom forms to present private patent data clearly for review.

Figure 10: Streamlined Workflows: AcclaimIP uses custom forms to present private data clearly for patent review. Custom fields can trigger user-targeted alerts, enabling smooth workflows. With organized data inputs and alerts, AcclaimIP facilitates efficient collaboration and patent analysis.

Ongoing Improvements

Since our 2012 launch, we have added improvements and new features monthly. Our engineering team works daily to enhance usability and enable revolutionary capabilities based on customer input.

Innovation in the Details

At AcclaimIP, we don’t just deliver patent search and analytics. Our true innovation is making patent research uniquely intuitive through thousands of tiny but impactful improvements.

AcclaimIP eliminates friction during search and analysis. We integrate disparate data seamlessly to reveal connections, and optimize every feature to augment expertise, not just amplify effort.

With AcclaimIP, patent research becomes more nimble, targeted, and revealing. Our myriad of small innovations delivers immense impact, guiding you to answers, not just data.

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