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Law Firms

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving legal services landscape, IP law firms need to leverage the most advanced tools and technologies to support their business capabilities and deliver maximum value to clients.

Many IP law firms use patent search providers for prior art discovery to support patentability decisions. AcclaimIP goes far beyond search by also providings indispensable analytics, alerts, and visualizations that empower firms with intelligence for prosecution, portfolio consulting, business development, and litigation defense.

Unlike outsourced search, AcclaimIP is integrated into the law firm’s workflows to enhance strategy and daily decision-making. By leveraging AcclaimIP as an essential part of their technology stack, leading firms can:

  • Prosecute higher quality patents
  • Drive business development
  • Uncover new revenue opportunities
  • Mitigate litigation risks on behalf of their clients, and
  • Benchmark clients’ patent performance —giving them a competitive advantage

Supporting Patent Prosecution

AcclaimIP strengthens patent prosecution by streamlining attorney work and improving patent application outcomes. With its comprehensive prior art search tools, firms can thoroughly evaluate inventions for novelty and non-obviousness. Seeding a search with previously identified related art surfaces the best matches based on what was seeded.

By surfacing the most relevant references, AcclaimIP helps identify any potential issues early and ensure claims have the maximum chance of allowance.

AcclaimIP also simplifies meeting the duty of disclosure by identifying prior art identified in the prosecution of foreign counterparts. AcclaimIP expedites the preparation of Information Disclosure Statements using a quick export feature, including a special export designed for Anaqua AQX imports.

Citation Record in AcclaimIP

Figure 1: AcclaimIP has the most advanced citation data and analytics on the market today. Citations are collected at the case and the family level.  Each citation record is algorithmically evaluated to determine the risk or opportunity presented by each citation.

In addition, AcclaimIP provides prosecution analytics and insights into examiner tendencies that attorneys can use to refine their approach and prosecution strategy. Whether it’s leveraging examiner grant rates or typical rejection types, the data empowers firms to secure patents more efficiently. AcclaimIP ensures firms have the competitive intelligence to overcome obstacles and avoid pitfalls during the complex prosecution process.

Image of AcclaimIP’s Prosecution Analytics Report

Figure 2: AcclaimIP Prosecution Analytics Report can be run simply by looking up your patent case and clicking one button. The report is configurable to view the statistics of the examiner, art unit, classification, law firm or assignee, giving the decision-making data you need to determine your next step in prosecution. Many clients appreciate that the report can be shared with them via secure signed URLs.

Providing Strategic Consulting to Maximize Clients’ Patent Portfolio Value

For many clients, simply owning patents is not enough —they need to extract maximum value from their patent portfolios. This is where AcclaimIP enables IP law firms to deliver high-value strategic consulting services in areas such as:

  • Patent landscape analysis
  • Portfolio gap assessment
  • Risk analysis
  • Freedom to operate evaluations

With AcclaimIP’s visualization tools and analytics, IP law firms can identify crowded or contested patent landscapes to inform claim drafting, identify coverage gaps in a client’s portfolio, and more.

Screen shot of AcclaimIP’s ability to chart two or more portfolios together

Figure 3: This chart allows you to compare patent portfolios side-by-side. Analyze the differences between your client’s patents and those of competitors. Gain strategic insights to advise clients on strengthening their IP position. Use clear visuals to communicate key findings to engineering and executive teams. AcclaimIP empowers law firms with an indispensable patent analytics tool for patent strategy and communication.

Through weekly aggregated alerts, AcclaimIP also keeps firms updated on the latest moves by competitors. All of this intelligence informs risk analysis related to freedom to operate, and patents that are deemed useful versus the competition. Ultimately, law firms can leverage AcclaimIP to provide clients with guidance on navigating patent landscapes to minimize infringement exposure while maximizing their flexibility to operate.

Driving Your Firm’s Business Development

In an increasingly competitive legal services market, forward-thinking law firms also leverage AcclaimIP as a business development engine to identify prospects, prepare for client meetings, develop new services, and benchmark their performance via prosecution metrics.

By revealing companies that are operating and patenting in growth areas, AcclaimIP enables law firms to create targeted prospect lists. Firms also leverage AcclaimIP’s portfolio analytics to delve into prospect’s patent portfolios before meetings and identify potential opportunities to provide value. The platform further helps firms scout out foreign markets warranting expanded patent filings and uncover needs for new post-issuance services. Patent prosecution benchmarking provides the metrics firms need to evaluate and improve performance or identify weak competitors in an account.

Comparative competitive dashboard in AcclaimIP

Figure 4: This patent dashboard provides law firms with in-depth analytics on client portfolios and competitive landscapes. By leveraging comprehensive patent data and analytics before client pitch meetings, law firms enter informed, equipped with strategic insights beyond what clients may know about their own patents. This data-driven approach builds client confidence that your firm deeply understands their needs and can strategically guide their IP strategy.

With AcclaimIP, firms gain a significant advantage for prosecution, consulting and business development —empowering them to deliver maximum value to clients.

Bolstering Patent Litigation Defense

In addition to the core capabilities described above, leading patent firms leverage AcclaimIP to strengthen their patent litigation defense efforts.

For patent owners facing patent litigation or threats from non-practicing entities (NPEs), AcclaimIP is a must-have tool in your defensive arsenal. Specifically, the platform’s uncited prior art analysis exposes relevant references the examiner likely never considered during prosecution. By revealing patents granted despite consequential uncited prior art, AcclaimIP spotlights vulnerabilities in the plaintiff’s position and leverages AI to write proforma validity claims charts, something unique to AcclaimIP (coming soon).

Uncited prior art identified on a patent record by AcclaimIP

Figure 5: AcclaimIP’s exclusive uncited references analysis highlights unnoticed prior art risks that could invalidate or narrow claims. By flagging uncited references upfront, AcclaimIP enables you to proactively address vulnerabilities and avoid expensive litigation. Law firms find this robust analytical capability is indispensable for quickly dismissing unfounded NPE patent suits.

With its robust analytics, firms can disarm assertions by opportunistic NPEs and adopt an offensive posture for dispute resolution or settlement negotiations. AcclaimIP customers report that helping a client quickly dismiss one NPE litigation pays for AcclaimIP many times over. This capability empowers firms to shift dynamics in favor of their clients when threatened by patent lawsuits.

Supporting Your Success

At AcclaimIP, we recognize that our software is only one component of your success. That is why we provide world-class support and resources to ensure your users get the most value from our tools. Our team of patent experts provide timely, in-depth assistance tailored to each customer’s needs.

Contact an AcclaimIP specialist to learn more or set up a free trial.