AcclaimIP is part of Anaqua Inc., IP Management Solutions & Services.


AcclaimIP™ is a powerful patent search and analytics software platform that empowers users across the organization to conduct patent research, assess competitors, make informed patent pruning decisions, and much more.

Powered by a core foundation of curated patent data, AcclaimIP software stands out from competitors with an intuitive user experience, advanced data, and high-speed performance. AcclaimIP is designed to be used across your organization with capabilities suited for specific users, including innovators, attorneys, researchers, portfolio managers and searchers.

AcclaimIP is available as a standalone version as well as integrated with your own private patent data using Anaqua’s AQX® IP Management software for corporations and law firms and PATTSY WAVE® docketing software platforms.

AcclaimIP Advantages

Global Patent Data

AcclaimIP  patent search and analytics software is powered by a patent database of over 155 million global patent documents (as of September 2023) from 106 patenting jurisdictions, averaging over 170K new documents added weekly.

AcclaimIP has:

  • Patent data from 52 full text English translated collections, and an additional 54 countries covered by English translated patent abstract data.
  • Full text English translations from the authorities you need most: US, EP, WO, DE, CN, KR, JP, CA, AU, GB, FR. All full text collections include direct links to the PDFs in their original languages.
  • More English-translated text collections than any other search tool. The platform is updated with supporting data as well, allowing you to be sure the analytics you perform are as up-to-date and accurate as possible. This supporting data includes:
    • normalized names
    • legal events
    • citations at individual and family levels
    • maintenance events
    • annuity payments
    • family data
    • application status
    • assignment data
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Processed Data for Deeper Insights

AcclaimIP excels in the curation and processing of raw patent data. This curation includes patent scoring for all matters (broken up into three sub-scores and updated weekly), which takes into account multiple data-points attesting to the disruptiveness, technology interest, and prosecution efficiency of databased matters.

Additionally, reassignment records are continuously rolled up into its “Current Assignee” search field, with further assignee normalization conducted weekly, and its “Ultimate Assignee” field allowing for one-and-done querying of parent organizations and their subsidiaries collated into one search.

AcclaimIP also provides weekly-updated meta data on more than 80 different matter parameters, including counts, averages, and pendencies. This data is especially useful for practitioners endeavoring to use these metrics for matter valuation and a deeper understanding of the nuances of patent prosecution. The curation points are just a few examples of many instances of deeper data processing AcclaimIP undertakes on behalf of its user-base.

Analyzed Data is Actionable Data

AcclaimIP patent search and analytics software stands out with its innovative visualizations and benchmarking tools to analyze patent landscapes, revealing insights into trends, opportunities and competitive dynamics. Additionally, the system leverages advanced processing algorithms to continuously process legal events and US file wrappers to bring you the most insight into patent prosecutions.

With powerful features like matrix landscape queries, dashboards, private data fields, and decision-point analytics reports, AcclaimIP enhances patent workflows and productivity for IP professionals and legal teams. By combining intelligent technology with user-friendly design, AcclaimIP delivers a uniquely intuitive experience for navigating complex patent information.

High Performance Search & Analytics

AcclaimIP’s search capabilities are built on top of a high-performance architecture that was optimized through billions of simple and complex searches performed on and capable of supporting thousands of searches per second. The software’s performance enables analytics that would be too cumbersome to use in a slower platform, saving time and avoiding frustration through fast searches, instantaneous refinements, immediate access to file wrapper documents, and real-time exports.

User Experience

An intuitive user interface is invaluable for patent search and analysis. AcclaimIP prioritizes an easy-to-learn design that allows users to seamlessly refine searches, pivot to related concepts, and extract insights. The ability to iteratively modify queries without starting over unlocks more efficient navigation of patent information.

With its focus on usability, AcclaimIP underscores how a thoughtful interface removes friction from patent research. When exploring complex patent datasets, an intuitive UI cannot be underestimated.