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Integrations with Anaqua IP Software

Integrated with Private Patent Data on AQX and PATTSY WAVE Platforms

AcclaimIP is available as a standalone subscription as well as fully integrated with private patent data via Anaqua’s AQX® IP Management software as well as PATTSY WAVE® patent and trademark docketing software.

When you combine your company’s internal patent data (or that of clients) with the public data and analytics found in AcclaimIP, it is un-matched —you get all the data and workflows you need to improve decision making and efficiently manage your patent portfolio.

All AcclaimIP features integrated into AQX and PATTSY WAVE are available in the standalone version.

AQX Integration Features & Benefits

AQX users include patent portfolio managers, docketing professionals, and attorneys, among others, who are tasked with making hundreds of decisions each week to optimize their patent portfolios within given budget constraints. Unfortunately, there is rarely enough time to analyze meticulously each decision and cobble together all the relevant decision support data. That’s why we developed a range of  AcclaimIP features specifically integrated with AQX to support users of that platform.

AcclaimIP on AQX includes:

  • Decision-point analytics reports
  • Competitive and technology patent dashboards
  • Patent Score
  • Single sign-on
  • Direct links from AQX to AcclaimIP public records
  • AQX data validation with AcclaimIP public data
  • Exports designed for AQX imports


With AcclaimIP access, AQX users can rely on five decision-support reports using key public data to support their decisions at various stages of the patent lifecycle.  The reports include:

  1. Patent Analysis Report – A general report designed to summarize the patent and provide a base set of analytics
  2. Prosecution Analytics Report – Details prosecution metrics to support office action decisions including 20 analyses on examination metrics at the examiner and art unit level
  3. Foreign Filing Report – Analyzes office actions to guide foreign filing
  4. Annuity Decision Report – Compares renewal rates and benchmarks to evaluate maintenance
  5. US Orange Book Analytics Report – Visualizes pharma patent exclusivity as drug patents expire to communicate to stakeholders
AcclaimIP generates five reports with data tailored for key patent lifecycle decision points

Figure 1: Targeted Decision Support – AcclaimIP generates five reports with data tailored for key patent lifecycle decision points. Available at the record level or in AQX workspaces where portfolio-level decisions are made, the reports deliver actionable insights precisely when needed for strategic filing, foreign filing, annuity decisions, and more. The system empowers confident decision making.

Reports are shareable with users via signed URL links, outside of the AQX and the AcclaimIP ecosystem for users such as outside counsel.


Dashboards created in AcclaimIP can be syndicated to AQX to provide an overview of the competitive and technological landscape and identify key players, trends, opportunities, and risks. These dashboards support competitive intelligence, strategic planning, technology evaluation and risk analysis. Dashboards in AQX are always up to date, solving one of the key problems with traditional patent landscapes.

Use strategic intelligence patent dashboards to identify key players, assess emerging competition, and uncover opportunities.

Figure 2: Strategic Intelligence Dashboards – AcclaimIP dashboards syndicate to AQX, where internal experts tailor scopes and underlying patents to deliver targeted insights. Users can leverage the dashboards to identify key players, assess emerging competition, and uncover opportunities. With customizable dashboards surfacing relevant competitive intelligence, teams are empowered to make data-driven strategic decisions.

All data elements displayed on dashboards in AQX are linked directly to the AcclaimIP platform, allowing you to perform further analysis on any element surfaced in the dashboards.

Each analytic can be further refined to show the data from various points of view giving you the information you need to garner the insights you need.

Patent Score

The AcclaimIP Patent Score summarizes value indicators such as citations, competitive benchmarks, and legal metrics. The single score provides a patent strength assessment which can be used as an initial sort to rank any set of patents in AQX. The patent score is further broken down into three primary components including Citation, Legal and Technology scored components.

Use at-a-glance patent scoring to inform value decisions.

Figure 3: At-a-Glance Patent Scoring – AcclaimIP’s Patent Score synthesizes value indicators into one metric assessing overall patent strength. The single score enables quick preliminary ranking of any patent set in AQX. Further, the score breakdown shows individual Citation, Legal, and Technology components for a nuanced view of value drivers. With multidimensional patent scoring, users can efficiently prioritize high-potential assets.

Direct Links

One click links the same case across AQX and AcclaimIP via a single sign-on. Login credentials are shared between platforms. You have the option to link to the corresponding record in AcclaimIP, or you can directly link to a list of similar patents in AcclaimIP.

Data Accuracy Validation

AcclaimIP public data is used to validate the accuracy of your data in AQX and PATTSY WAVE. Each week an automated task checks the accuracy of your private data against updated public data. Discrepancies are pointed out for you to reject or accept.

Export Data to AQX

AcclaimIP exports match AQX import formats for a seamless data transfer, allowing you to onboard easily additional portfolios or add third-party patents for additional analysis in AQX.

AcclaimIP provides tailored exports to move data effortlessly into AQX, improving internal records, IDS, and third-party patent data quality.

Figure 4: Seamless Data Integration- AcclaimIP provides tailored exports to effortlessly move data into AQX, improving internal records, IDS, and third-party patent data quality. Standardized formats eliminate the need for manual spreadsheet manipulation, ensuring exported insights integrate seamlessly into AQX. Frictionless data sharing strengthens portfolio analytics and decision making.


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