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Surface Insights for Patents Quickly with Anaqua’s New Generative AI Tool

AI-Generated Patent Summaries from Anaqua

Anaqua is pleased to announce the launch of AcclaimIP™ AI Patent Summaries, our new generative AI-powered capability that provides users with a consistent, high-quality review of any patent. Patent practitioners can gain tremendous time savings and comprehensive insights with easy access to summarized patent claims and inventions.  The summaries (Figure 1) are available now on AcclaimIP patent search and analytics software.

AcclaimIP AI-Generated Patent Summary

Figure 1: Prompts on the left guide the creation of consistent, high quality summaries


How It Works

While traditional AI analyzes data and makes predictions, generative AI learns the underlying data patterns and produces an entirely new product. By leveraging Large Language Models (LLM), AcclaimIP AI Patent Summaries provide quick yet insightful wrap-ups of patent documents from multiple points of view and cover specific use cases and decision points. The tool has been proven in testing with Anaqua clients.

Uniform and Comprehensive AI Summaries of Patents

A major advantage of AcclaimIP’s patent summary tool is the uniformity delivered by a carefully crafted set of pre-defined prompts (prompt library) underpinning the AI. Rather than the LLM arbitrarily generating responses, our prompts (Figure 2) guide the LLM to produce reliable, consistent, high-quality summaries, optimized for key patent analysis use cases.

Examples of prompts include:

  • Short summaries of the patent for faster prioritizing and sorting
  • Detailed claims analysis uncovering inventive concepts
  • Pros and cons and novelty over the prior art
  • Difference analysis between filed and granted claims

These tailored AI-generated abstracts save analysts time and, more importantly, provide a framework for consistent analysis from patent to patent.


AcclaimIP AI Patent Summaries

Figure 2: The AI Summary tool offers robust features for viewing and managing AI-generated responses, including sorting and searching responses; switching between horizontal and vertical layouts; adjusting text size; accessing prompt details; copying responses; and translating responses into various languages.


Reduce the Risk of Missed Patent Intelligence

The AI Patent Summaries tool also keeps patent reviewers and analysts on track for comprehensive assessments and reduces the risk of missing important information due to human error during lengthy reviews. Evaluating patents can be complex. It is easy to overlook aspects like prior art comparisons, claim breadth, or exemplary embodiments. Our Prompt Library acts like a checklist, ensuring that analysts consider all facets critical to fully understanding a patent and its impact on your business.

By spotlighting key patent claim elements, uses, and quality issues, analysts are less likely to overlook considerations that could impact annuity decisions, clearance (FTO), due diligence, or litigation.

With AI Patent Summaries, you will gain:

  • Concise summaries of patent claims from multiple viewpoints: exemplary uses, claim element breakdowns, assessments of claim breadth and quality
  • A library of varied prompt templates
  • Side-by-side comparison of filed vs. granted claims
  • Translation into all major languages used by our global client base (Figure 3)
  • A stateful memory of past user configurations and favorite prompts
  • Integration with leading LLMs like GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-4, and Claude-2 for optimal performance
  • Flexible horizontal or vertical orientations catering to user display preferences
  • Text resizing which is useful when screen sharing on smaller screens
  • One-click copying of summaries into external applications

Figure 3: The tool enables you to view the AI summary in a variety of languages.


AcclaimIP’s AI Patent Summaries tool uses generative AI to deliver consistent summaries of patents optimized for key analysis use cases. By leveraging large language models guided by tailored prompts, it allows faster more comprehensive patent evaluation to enable better decision making. This new capability promises tremendous time savings and reduced risk of missing critical intelligence.

We can’t wait for you to try it out… let us know what you think!

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Written by Matt Troyer, AcclaimIP Senior Director, Product & Innovation


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