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Automated patent analysis reports now available in AcclaimIP. 
Automated Patent Analysis Reports

We are happy to announce a new reporting capability in...

Training course on learning advanced and Boolean syntax when patent searching. 
Advanced Syntax Training Videos

The short video course is designed to make you a faster,...

2015 Patents in Review 
2015 US Patenting Statistics

The number of US patent documents published flattened out...

Develop exciting new patent analytics using the multi-series charting feature in AcclaimIP. 
Multi-Series Charting

One of the most powerful visualization tools in AcclaimIP...

One-click automated patent landscapes based on CPC classification system. 
Automated Patent Landscapes

One-click patent landscapes are now available for all gold...

Patent Agent Data Normalized in AcclaimIP 
Patent Agent (AGT) Normalization

You might be surprised to learn how inconsistent agent...

Order patent search results by relevance to your topic 
Using Natural Language Queries to Order Your Search Results

So you developed an excellent query and have limited your...

business idea vector 
Patent Searching: Solving Multiple Mazes at the Same Time

While there are various types of patent searches, all of...

AcclaimIP's Doc Diff tool let's you compare two patent documents side by side. 
Document Difference (Doc Diff) Tool

Doc Diff is a new tool in AcclaimIP for comparing...

Is the US Patent Classification System Dead? 
Is the US Patent Classification System Dead?

As you know, the Cooperative Patent Classification system...

Patent Keyword Searching Tutorial 
How to do a Patent Keyword Search

Here is a keyword searching technique that I have been...

Patent Search and analysis software upgrades for Q1 2015 
AcclaimIP Patent Search Upgrades Q1 2015

We have a whole suite of upgrades to the patent research...

Why Use AcclaimIP?

  • Amazing Features–Get more work done in less time.  Access hundreds of capabilities not found in any of the free patent resources, and a dozen or more not found in any other paid solution.
  • Priced Better Than Our Competitors’ Solutions–AcclaimIP comes in two editions:  Our aggressively priced Searcher seat and our Analyst seat with even more capability, data and high-impact visualizations.
  • Vastly Superior Performance–From the first time you login, you notice AcclaimIP is noticeably faster than comparable solutions. All your patent searches and analytics are performed in real time.
  • Global Patent Coverage–More than 98 million global patent documents in our collections, and over 30 thousand new global patent documents added every week.

Patent data is meticulously organized, and just where you expect it to be.  AcclaimIP is designed to be incredibly efficient.  Most users can use all but the most advanced search techniques without ever having to refer to our extensive online help.

Analyse Patents in Real-time

  • Fast Database–Over a decade delivering world-class search engine performance.
  • Fast Filters–Refine your searches with automated filters quickly generated along with all your searches
  • Fast to Visualize–Choose from 20 charting variations for exquisite patent landscape analyses.
  • Fast Results–Supports common workflows and quickly delivers patents of interest.
  • Fast Paging–Page through patent details in less than one second per patent.

Speed is a requirement when researching patents, not only are there 10’s of millions of documents that have to be queried quickly, but also, high speed systems encourage you to fully investigate the patent database, allowing you to take detours and investigate certain patent owners, inventors, and classifications in real-time with no waiting.  But that’s only half the story.  AcclaimIP lets you be incredibly accurate and comprehensive in your searches too providing you all the tool required to get your job done…fast!

Automated Patent Technology Landscapes

  • Based on CPC Classifications–Automated patent landscapes precisely map the CPC Class system to patents and automatically selects the top 20 patent assignees in the class.
  • Based on Keyword Concepts–A second variant extracts keyword concepts from patents, and maps them in a concept-subconcept hierarchy across the key patent owners.

AcclaimIP includes two patent landscape capabilities which landscape patents from two different perspectives, either CPC class-based, or semantic (keyword/string) based concept analytics.  AcclaimIP’s high speed search engine creates and executes up to 5000 cross referenced queries in just seconds to develop these landscapes.

Hundreds of Features Come Together in One Amazing Package

  • 40 Sortable Columns of Data–Nothing else is like it.  Arrange columns they way you want to get the job done faster.
  • Customizable–Your entire experience, from the size of your windows, to what appears in them, even to their colors and background colors can be customized for the specific task and your personal preferences.
  • Global Patent Data–Includes US, EP, WIPO, and DE full text and extensive patent family data.
  • Extensive Charting–Wide selection of charts, graphs and visualizations to visualize patent landscapes.
  • Natural Language Searching–Use a patent or any block of text as your query.
  • Document Clustering–Groups patents into thematic sets.
  • Keyword Extraction–Multiple tools to extract keywords from single patents or large sets.  Auto generates suggested queries to find patents similar to your target set.
  • Query Matrices–Execute hundreds of queries simultaneously for one click comprehensive patent landscapes.

Efficient patent searching requires are large toolset to be both efficient and comprehensive.  AcclaimIP brings together hundreds of features in one seamless and easy-to-learn experience.

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