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In recent years, more patent citation data has come into play. The introduction of advanced patent citation data and the common citation document has opened new possibilities for citation analysis and evaluation that were formerly inaccessible.  

New developments in AcclaimIP™ now help make use of more citation meta data and, crucially, allow you to discover uncited prior art. Learn more about these capabilities and how they can assist your IP efforts in this webinar series.


Patent Citations Unpacked: How to Use Them to Optimize Your IP Portfolio

A refresher session on how to use Patent Ctitation data and how you can use it to inform patent drafting, competitive patent intelligence and more.

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The Power of Uncited Prior Art: Harnessing Patent Intelligence for Competitive Advantage

In this session, you’ll learn about the significance of Uncited Prior Art and how easily you can now easily identify and work with this data on AcclaimIP.

We provide valuable tips on how to evaluate the potential impact of uncited prior art on your patent portfolio and share best practices to help you make informed decisions.

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