The AcclaimIP user interface is natural, and it anticipates my next move far better than the other products I have used.  I am always looking for an advantage, so I have tried them all, but I keep coming back to AcclaimIP because I get work done faster, more efficiently and I never get lost in a search maze.

Keir Loiacono,
Patent Attorney

Through the years I have used different free and paid patent databases. The queries are combined of a relatively easy language. The search outcome can be configured in a variety of options, sometimes more options than a regular work requires. Search results analyses are useful. Database updates are performed timely. The manuals and help facilities are continuously updated and are helpful.

Rafi Bronstein,
- Daltan Consulting Ltd

I’ve used several Patent Analytic software programs/tools in the past. I’ve been performing patent analytics for over 19 years. The best product I’ve found to date is AcclaimIP because of its ease of use and ability to find what you are looking for.

Glenn Wheeler,
IP Excellence LLC

AcclaimIP software makes patent research and studying citations very easy. Thank you!

Fred Kemp,
- Kemp Consulting

For those of us who regularly search by patent classification, AcclaimIP has introduced next-generation classification search tools not available on other platforms.

Martin Wallace,
Librarian - Science & Engineering Center Raymond H. Fogler Library University of Maine

Easy to use and extremely responsive support makes AcclaimIP easily the best bang for the buck you can find. IP analysis can be a real chore but AcclaimIp makes the task far more efficient and interesting. Seriously, you guys have a good product priced to kill the giants. I'd buy this for my own home use if my company would not pay the annual fee.

request anonymous

Many of my clients are start-ups pursuing their first few patents; stakes are high, budgets are low, and they want a good look before they leap. AcclaimIP's search functions and result-organization capabilities help me find the most important results in less time. Whenever I have a question, even if I'm trying to do something unusual, a knowledgeable person responds promptly, cheerfully, and patiently! Wow.

Liz Nevis,

Acclaim IP is a useful, cost-effective tool for patent searching and analytics. I especially appreciate the company's great customer service and willingness to listen to their customers' suggestions for added features.


The customer service and responsiveness of the AcclaimIP team will blow you away. With comprehensive training videos, feedback tracking, phone support and onsite training you will feel like you are part of the team.

Curt Van Lydegraf,

I find Acclaim IP to be a powerful yet affordable tool to search, sort, and probe further into patent filings, all in a very intuitive manner. Its capabilities are essential to my technology trend analysis work.

Michael Conover,
- Seagate Technologies