Single Character Wildcard Searching

One type of wildcard searching is called “limited truncation” or “single-character wildcard” searching.

It is helpful if you want to search patents for a specific term with a specific number of succeeding characters.

Use the “ ? “ character to specify limited truncation in your keyword searches.

For example

Lens? Finds patents with the British spelling “lense” but not longer variants like “lensectomy” or “Lenscrafters”, which will be returned with a standard wildcard, lens* .

You can use up to four “ ? “ symbols together in a single query statement.

Lens?? Finds patents with the word “lenses” or “lensed” but not longer variants.

AcclaimIP supports options up to 4 single-character wildcards.


Single character wildcard searching

Single character or truncated wildcard searching helps find patents with word variations without picking up longer or compound variants of the words.

Single-character wildcard is most useful when searching terms for that are prefixes of much longer words, or you are only looking for specific shorter variants such as those ending in “er”, “ed” or “ing”.

To search words with pesky British spelling variants like armor, behavior, color, rumor, honor etc, use the normal asterisk wildcard ( * ).

Armo*r Finds both “armor” and “armour” and “armoir”

Whereas Armo?r picks up “armour” and “armoir” but not the conventional US spelling, “armor”

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