New Logo, New Look

New Logo, New Look

As you may know, Anaqua acquired AcclaimIP in late March of 2016. The entire team moved over to Anaqua, and since then we’ve more than doubled our numbers. We also purchased 40 full text English translated patent collections, and acquired Patent River, LLC in order to develop some amazing new patent analysis capabilities that they bring to the table. now has a brand new look, which we think simplifies our user experience and ties in with the Anaqua branding.  The little blue frog has finally been run over by a Mack truck. We’ll miss him because he served us well. When we were a small startup, I read a book on branding that said the easiest way to brand anything is with a color and an animal. Peoples’ brains are just wired to remember these. So we picked a blue frog because everybody likes little blue frogs. It didn’t exactly tie into patent search directly, but everybody remembers the blue frog and it saved us a lot of money on marketing.


Tie in with Anaqua

The crossover between AcclaimIP and Anaqua doesn’t stop at the color palette, fonts, and brand guidelines. We are getting closer to our vision of a unified “IP-Everything” system to better integrate private and public patent data, allow for new insights, situational metrics and provide decision supporting analytics directly into your patent management workflows.  ANAQUA will consume some of AcclaimIP’s analytics, but each product will remain distinct and separate to support each of our core users primary functions.

Already with the release of ANAQUA 8.6 this summer, several snapshot analytics from AcclaimIP have been added into the core ANAQUA platform to help IP managers make better maintenance decisions and support licensing. A single sign-on capability was also added, so ANAQUA users can quickly flip over to AcclaimIP without having to login a second time.

Future upgrades will continue the trend, and add set-based dashboards to track your competition without having to be a patent analyst, or even leave the ANAQUA system for AcclaimIP. The objective is to give IP managers, patent attorneys and upper management up-to-the-minute insights into their own portfolios and those of their major competitors without having to be expert patent researchers.

Website Workflows

The design of the new site should facilitate our customers becoming better patent searchers and analysts. Beyond the obligatory marketing information on the site, there are two main series of learning resources and information: Blog posts, and videos.

Patent Search Blog

Our blog contains articles on how to perform patent searches, information on new features, and opinion pieces focusing on using patent analytics to support your larger patent strategy. Historically, I have done most of the writing, but I’ll be inviting many of my esteemed Anaqua colleagues, and expert customers to contribute to the blog as well.

When possible, we support our blogs with video content to help drive home the information we teach.

Patent Search & Analytics Videos

We’ll continue to support your learning with our video series. In today’s world, with a tsunami of information pounding your from every direction, it is nice to be able to sit down, relax and follow along with a short video to learn about a new feature or explore a new patent searching strategy, or finally figure out how to search the CPC classification system.

Our videos will remain in the casual one-on-one style, and I will continue to produce most of them.

Our help site has also been upgraded with new content and a beautiful new user interface. It is fully searchable, and the articles are written in such a way to intelligently support your searches. If you want to learn about querying maintenance data, just type in “maintenance” into the search bar. If you want to learn about how you can view citation data, just type in “citations.”

You can print the entire manual, which currently stands at about 600 pages, but I think browsing or searching it is more effective. Please use the site as a resource on your journey to becoming an expert patent search and analyst.

I personally love our help system. It is easy to manage, and I find myself creating new help articles every time I get a question that is not currently answered in the system.

Other Learning Resources will continue to be the place to download cheat sheets, quick start guides and other learning resources to get new users quickly up to speed as we develop them.

I hope you like the new look, and the strategic direction we are going with the Anaqua product suite.


Matt Troyer
Director Patent Analytics
Anaqua, Inc.

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