New Assignee Normalization Features in AcclaimIP

We are excited to announce several major enhancements on how AcclaimIP handles assignee names:

  • Improved normalization
  • Faceting on BOTH current and original assignee names
  • Detect when current and original assignees differ–that is, the patent has transacted
  • New advanced query syntax

Improved Assignee Normalization

Many users are familiar with the unstructured nature of assignee names and how virtually all companies have multiple variants of their name represented on patents. To illustrate the problem…

  • MERCK & CO: 291 Variants
  • IBM: 589 Variants
  • US Navy: 1118 Variants

Even small patentees are often represented by at least two versions of their name containing different corporate designations such as LLC, CO and Corp.

We have already normalized over 5000 company names, and are normalizing approximately 1000 new companies each week! Normalization improves the facets, charts and the accuracy of your analysis.

Faceting on Both Current AND Original Assignee Names

Another requested feature is the ability to facet, filter, chart and analyze patents by EITHER original assignee (the applicant) or current assignee (the assignee after a transaction or name change).


You’ll find a new facet in our Refine Panel for filtering your search results by either name variant.

Detecting Transacted Patents

Probably the biggest benefit to our new normalization is that you can now detect transacted patents, and analyze both the buyers and sellers of patents within any search result.

A patent transaction occurs when the current assignee name is different than the original assignee name. The only way to accurately analyze this information is to first normalize assignee names. For example:


IBM → FACEBOOK INC (Transacted)

We added a new facet (filter) to the Refine Panel called Assignee Transacted, which filters your search results by patents that have changed hands.


Even better, using the new Assignee Original (sellers) and Assignee Current (buyers) facets, you can analyze the buyers and sellers of the patents!

I believe we are the first company to offer this level of capability on assignee names. Some customers involved in buying, selling and licensing of patents have called the Assignee Transacted feature “revolutionary.”

So take a few minutes and watch the video and please let me know what you think.

New Advanced Syntax

To go along with the new fields, we have added three new assignee field codes which you can use when creating advanced queries using AcclaimIP’s query syntax. The current AN: field still exists, so your previously saved searches will not break. The new syntax is documented in the online Cheat Sheet which you can find by going to Start>Help>Cheat Sheet.

ANO: Assignee Original
The ANO field code queries the new field containing the Original Assignee Name.  For example:


ANC: Assignee Current
The ANO field code queries the new field containing the Current Assignee Name.  For example:

ANC:”Univ Colorado”

AN_TRANS: Transacted Patents

AN_TRANS:T → finds patents with mismatched normalized assignees
AN_TRANS:F → finds patents where the original and current assignee names match

This field allows you to find patents that have been bought or sold.

AN: The AN field serves two purposes. First, it is backwards compatible, meaning your current saved searches will continue to work. AN: also queries all assignee fields including the original (non-normalized) assignee name fields. You use the AN: field code to query for specific original variants which may include misspellings. For example:

AN:”Apple Compunter” → Brings up one patent with this specific misspelling.

Enjoy the new capabilities in AcclaimIP !

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