Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy & Security

What happens when I delete a research folder? Is it gone permanently?

Yes. When you delete a research folder, a patent in the research folder, comment or rating on a patent, a saved search, or a patent monitoring activity, we delete it permanently from our database. Keep in mind that we must keep a 30 day running back-up in case of disaster recovery. However, after 30 days, all back-ups are destroyed.

How safe, secure and private is AcclaimIP?

NOTHING is more important to us that your privacy. The software runs under the HTTPS encryption protocol. If you delete an item from a research folder, it is completely removed from our system—and no history is maintained. We keep backups for only 30 days. We don’t mine your data or access it in any way—ever. We don’t know your passwords because they are saved as encrypted files in our database.

Does AcclaimIP collect information about my searches?

No.  All your search strings, keywords and patent numbers you use in your searches are entirely private.  No information is collected, stored, mined or otherwise used that could identify your search strategies, your queries or the patents you view in AcclaimIP.

The software IS instrumented, however.  Instrumentation means we do log, when you login, which form you use when searching, which charts you run, etc.  However no information that could identify your specific search strings, or document numbers is collected or mined at any time.  Instrumentation allows us to see how our software is uses so we can continue to improve it for our customers.