Frequently Asked Questions


Can AcclaimIP (the company), offer custom solutions?

Yes with lots of caveats. If there is a feature that we currently don’t offer, it is probably already on our roadmap. Just let us know, and we’ll reset our priorities and likely move the feature up in the queue. If your solution is truly unique, then we will discuss it with you and come up with a plan that is fair to you and AcclaimIP.

How do I change the background image (wallpaper) in the software?

We tried to make the software as fun to use as it is powerful. From the Start menu you can access your preferences and select the “Look & Feel” tab. You can upload as many background wallpapers as you wish.

How do I change the search defaults in AcclaimIP?

You may want to limit all your search results to a particular data range, a certain set of document collections (US and EP only for example), or always remove applications that have been granted.  You can change your search options by editing them in your Preferences.

Can I append patents with comments, ratings, taxonomies and other custom data.

Yes, if you have the custom fields feature added to your account.  There is an entire section in this FAQ dedicated to custom fields in AcclaimIP.