Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Data Fields

What are custom data fields?

Custom data fields is a feature of AcclaimIP where you can create various types of data fields and annotate patents with custom information such as comments, rating systems, custom taxonomies, product lines to which they apply, internal asset ID numbers, tags and all other standard data types.  The custom data you append to patents is searchable, automatically used in custom filters, exportable and sortable in the search result grids.  Custom data can be imported into AcclaimIP.

How do companies use custom fields?

Our customers use custom fields to create efficient workflows for evaluating and classifiying patents with an entire work group.  Custom fields can support any rating system you can think of, and allow you to capture this data directly in the system, so users don’t have to record their findings in an application like Excel and flip back to AcclaimIP to continue their research.  Project managers can see exactly which patents have been reviewed and by whom in real time–something not possible with any other system on the market.

Customers append information to their patents such as patent attorney/agent names and law firms, so they can analyze the performance of specific firms and more specifically top agents in each of the firms they use.

Are custom fields secure?

Yes, far more secure than capturing information using spreadsheets or some other 20th century technology.  Furthermore, each client gets their own custom search core which means it is impossible to mix and mingle custom data from other clients.  The data model supports a robust permissions model meaning that only users who you provide access to can see the information you want them to see.

How does the custom fields security model work?

Your users can be assigned to groups, and you can set read-only, read/write, or bulk permissions to each user or each group for each field you define. You can be sure that only your users who you want to view the information can view the information.

Can I upload data in bulk to custom fields?

Yes, you can upload data to tens of thousands of patents by uploading a spreadsheet saved as a CSV file.  Your custom data is indexed in real time and is available to your users in just a few minutes after you upload.

Is custom data indexed in real time?

Very nearly yes.  Our indexer is constantly running.  It may take 30 to 40 seconds to index new data, but it is never more than a minute behind real-time availability.  This means that as your team enters information it is available to search, filter, and export in real time for all intents and purposes.

Is custom data available to the API?

Yes, we have customers who subscribe to our API and run automatic jobs daily that seamlessly update their custom fields in AcclaimIP with up to the minute information extracted from their IAM (Intellectual Asset Management) programs.  These data are continuously fresh and available to their AcclaimIP users.

Some customers run proprietary valuation algorithms and automatically update custom fields via the API.  Keep in mind the API requires somebody with programming skills in your organization.

Is there a limit to the number of custom fields I can create?

Well, not in practice, but certainly a limit could be hit.  We have customers who have created hundreds of custom fields and assigned custom data to 10’s of thousands of patents, when you consider a new set of custom fields could be created for various projects throughout the year.  In this case custom fields run seamlessly in real time as if the data were native to the application.  Of course, if you create a million custom fields, we’ll have to chat :-), but a few hundred is not unreasonable.

Also if you have a lot of fields you want to define, you’ll want to carefully monitor which ones are available to whom in your organization.  If a user is not working on a project, then don’t give them access to the fields to keep the clutter down in their custom fields panel.

Is custom field data exportable?

Of course, any data you append to the patent information can be exported in real time along with any “standard” data you choose to export.

Is custom field data sortable?

Yes, any custom field can be exposed in your search result window, and it works just like native data.  Of course some field types lend themselves to sorting such as numeric fields, and single option select fields, while others field types are not ideal for sorting such as comments or multi-value select fields, but we won’t stop you from sorting on them.

What are custom filters?

When you create a custom field, and add data to those fields, AcclaimIP automatically creates a fully faceted filter for each field.  For example, if you categorize your patents into various technology buckets, a filter is created and you can seamlessly isolate patents you’ve identified as belonging to a particular technology group.  Custom filters appear in the Refine Search panel along with the other standard filters in AcclaimIP.

Is my custom data backed up?

Of course.  We back up your data for 30 days, after which time it is destroyed and totally unrecoverable.  You can create your own backups by exporting custom field data to a spreadsheet.  Exported custom data can always be re-imported into AcclaimIP if the need arises.

Are custom fields part of my standard plan?

No, custom fields is an add-on product.  Customers who purchase the custom field add-on can provide access to any of their users regardless of the plan type they are using.  The custom fields feature is reasonably priced.  Please contact us for pricing.