Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) Tutorial

We recently added data for the Cooperative Classification System to AcclaimIP. Our implementation is frankly exceptional. Query CPC by, the First Class, the Inventive Classes, or Additional Classes (formerly Non-Inventive) or all three with one simple query.cpc-tutorial-cover-page

Best of all, like the US system and the IPC classification system you can query the hierarchy all the way into the dot levels which makes accurate classification based landscaping possible.

I created a a tutorial on CPC that covers:

  • Hierarchical Nature of CPC
  • Inventive vs. Additional Classifications
  • One-to-Many Relationship of CPC Classes to Patents
  • CPC Filters and Facets
  • How to Search CPC in AcclaimIP

I hope you take some time to read it. The paper is chock full of general information about CPC. Even if you are not an AcclaimIP user, you’ll want to read this overview of CPC, how it works, and how to research patents using CPC.

Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) Tutorial

Matt Troyer
Director of Patent Analytics
Anaqua, Inc

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