Automated Patent Landscapes

One-click patent landscapes are now available for all users with the Analyst plan.  Our landscapes blaze a trail by taking a completely unique, and ironically more standardized approach to creating patent landscapes.

Not only are they amazingly accurate, but they are fast, flexible and even disposable. You can use patent landscapes as an exploration tool as well as a final deliverable suitable to present to your clients or internal customers.  What used to take days to create, can now be done in just a couple seconds with generally more accurate results that you could have done by hand.

The technology landscape is based on the Corporative Classification System (CPC) and precisely maps the hierarchy of the classes you examine in a multi-level matrix query.

Patent landscapes give you a different perspective on your research by grouping patents into successively deeper sub-divisions, showing you precisely how many patents are owned by all the major players in each of over 250,000 technology segments.

Patent landscapes are often used for:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • White Space Analysis
  • Technology Monitoring
  • Freedom to Operate
  • General Patent Research

What are matrix landscapes?

In this introductory video, I give you three brief examples of patent landscapes and present a general overview of how matrix landscapes work, and what they look like and how you use them.

How to create a patent landscape

Creating an automated patent landscape from scratch takes just one click.  Once created, you can modify it to suit your requirements.

Working with very deep CPC class structures

Breaking up a patent landscape into multiple landscapes is easy, and provides more targeted deliverables to your clients.

Refining your landscape

Here is where the rubber meets the road.  The key to a patent landscape is to have the ability to constrain it so you can get a much better sense of what is really going on in across the entire landscape.  In this video, I show you how you can constrain the landscape by dates, specific patent collections (countries), various legal and maintenance status or using keywords, strings and other advanced syntax.  The result is a view of the data that brings clarity to your analysis.

Uncovering trends in your patent landscape

An added dimension of trending can be overlaid on your patent landscape to see trending across the entire technology structure.

Saving and exporting your landscape

Clean up your node titles, save, share and export for your final deliverable to your clients.


Automated landscapes are a feature of the Analyst Plan

If you are currently a customer of AcclaimIP, and would like to give automated patent landscapes a try, be sure to talk to your AcclaimIP representative about taking a test drive.  We’ll gladly upgrade your seat to Analyst for a period of time, so you can experiment and see just how amazing they are in your real world analyses.

If you have any questions about our new automated patent landscapes, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.


Matt Troyer

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