Automated Patent Analysis Reports

We are happy to announce a new reporting capability in AcclaimIP.  A report is a document that analyzes a patent or a set of documents from multiple perspectives.

Automated Patent Owner Report

Automated Patent Owner Reports are available in AcclaimIP for Analyst users.

The first report we have built is the Patent Assignee Report, which contains the following modules:

  • Patenting Summary
  • Patenting by Year
  • Patenting by Jurisdiction (country)
  • Top Patented Technologies
  • Time Series Evolution of Technology Trends
  • Acquisition Analysis
  • Divestiture Analysis
  • Maintenance Rates
  • Survivorship Trends
  • Maintenance Fees Due by Quarter
  • Maintenance Fees Due by No. Patents
  • Time Series Evolution of Top Inventors
  • Analysis of Top Attorney Firms
  • Time Series Evolution of Top Law Firms
  • Forward & Backwards Citation Analytics (citation pyramid)
  • Most “Interesting” Patents in the Portfolio

You can pick and choose which modules you want  to run in each report to make them truly customized to your requirements.

Custom Branding

Upload your logo, pick your colors and add your footer text in our new template system.  The report will run with your own branding.

We are offering Analyst customers 20 free reports for each Analyst seat they purchased, and we are including all the modules in each report.

Searcher customers can test the reporting system, play around with the templates, and run limited reports.

Analyst customers may purchase additional reports for $999 per pack of 20.

Billing Rules

We’ve tested lots of scenarios, and because the reports are customizable, we found that the first report run is not always exactly what you want.  For this reason, when you run a report, AcclaimIP decrements your account by one report, but you can re-run the same report as many times as you wish for 7 days, allowing you to edit the custom elements again, if required.

The most recent version of each report is saved by the AcclaimIP, and you can re-download a previously run report without being charged for another report.

Watch this video which shows you how to create a report and customize it with your own branding:

Have Fun!




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