Advanced Syntax Training Videos

The short video course is designed to make you a faster, more confident patent researcher. Four videos cover the fundamentals of patent searching using advanced query syntax. Most of the skills you’ll need to develop multi-faceted queries searching multiple parts of documents in one query are covered in the video series.

Upon successfully completing the series, you should be confident constructing Boolean queries including ranges, targeting queries to specific fields, and using proximity operators.

Who Should Watch the Videos?

Patent searchers, analysts and patent managers who want to enhance their search skills resulting in faster searches, and more accurate results with a higher degree of confidence.

What you’ll learn

  1. Basic Boolean Searching
  2. Order of Operations
  3. Proximity Operators
  4. Field Codes
  5. Range Queries
  6. Where to Get More Information on Advanced Searching


  1. Basic patent knowledge including, parts of a patent, knowledge of dates associated with patents.
  2. Knowledge of patent terminology is recommended, including knowledge of patent assignment data and legal codes including maintenance events.
  3. Computer navigation skills.

Video 1:  Basic Boolean Searching

This first video covers some of the basic concepts of Boolean searching including the default operators, combining different Boolean operators, and the basics of grouping your queries with parentheses.  Finally we talk about using Boolean searches to test your queries, and simplify searching for concepts that vary slightly from each other.

Video 2:  Order of Operations

When combining Boolean operators there is a default order of operations which is Not Always Obvious to most users.  This video explains the order of operations, how it affects your search results, and how to control your queries with parentheses, so the searches are evaluated in the order you specify.

Video 3:  Proximity Operators

AcclaimIP supports two different proximity operators, NEAR and ADJ.  This video explains how to use them, and how you can leverage proximity to order your search results.  In addition I cover how to enforce a literal term in your searching.

Video 4:  Field Codes

Now that you know the basics of Advanced searching in AcclaimIP, this video let’s you create more sophisticated and subtle queries by targeting specific fields.  I cover using field codes, where to find them in our help files and download cheatsheets.  Finally I cover using range queries and field codes to query date ranges, or ranges on meta values such as number of forward citations.


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