2013 US Patent Statistics Infographic

For 2013 we wanted to create an infographic that is suitable for printing.  This graphic was created using AcclaimIP then sent to a graphic designer for publication.  Please download the image or the PDF and hang it on your office wall.  We hope you enjoy it!  Download high resolution PDF.

Other News

In December we added a few nice features to AcclaimIP.  Here is a short list:

•  Patent Assignee Guessing

You’ll notice that some “current assignee” names are preceded by an asterisk ( * ), E.g. *IBM.  This means that there was no official entity assigned to the patent, but we algorithmically guessed using inventor names, dates, classes and locations and determined who the likely assignee is.

•  Recent Transacted Patents

You’ll notice a new facet/filter in the refine panel which let’s you filter patents that have transacted (change hands) recently by choosing the transaction dates in the facet.  Companies looking to target potential patent buyers and licenensees had requested this feature to identify entities that are activily acquiring technology similar to their own.

•  Export Improvements

AcclaimIP now remembers which fields you checked the last time you exported a list of patents.  This feature saves time and reduces errors when using our patent search software.

•  Matrix Queries

The Query Matrix is a new patent analysis tool that allows you to execute 100’s of queries at one time and develop patent landscapes that are accurate, updateable and queryable.  The Query Matrix is a breakthrough in next-generation, high speed patent analysis. If you would like a demo, please call and we’ll show you a patent landscape covering mobile phones–how the patents break out at the feature and component level.

To our current customers, thank you for placing your trust in us.  We work hard everyday to continue to earn it.  If you are not a customer, and would like a look at the software, please take our free trial.  If you have already taken a free trial and would like another look please contact us, and we’ll gladly reactivate your account.

2013 in Patents


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