Using Natural Language Queries to Order Your Search Results

Using Natural Language Queries to Order Your Search Results

So you developed an excellent query and have limited your search results to a reasonable set of patents.  Now its time to start reading the patents and evaluating the patent claims.

In what order should you start your analysis?  You probably already know how to sort your results by the important value indicators, but did you also know you can sort your list by the relevance to a document or any block of descriptive text?

Take a moment to watch this video to learn how natural language searching can order your search results.

Why learn the technique:

  • Easy to Learn
  • Repeatable for any concept
  • Focuses your attention to the most relevant patents
  • Saves time
  • Gives you better results


  1. Take any query you’ve developed and copy it.
  2. Run a natural language query on a patent of interest
  3. Paste the original query into the My Query box and update your search

I don’t show it in the video, but you can use the Natural Language tab in the main Search window to order your search results based on any block of relevant text such as sample claims, an invention disclosure, or the relevant part of an industry standard.

The process is easy, saves time and keeps you focused on the most relevant patents

–Matt Troyer


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