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Searcher Edition

Searcher Edition

Patent Searcher

Analyst Edition

Analyst Edition

Patent Analyst


Users whose primary job is patentability, prior art, and novelty searching.
  • Patent Searchers
  • Most Patent Attorneys
  • Inventors & SMEs
Users who need to analyze technology and competitive landscapes, direct technology strategy, and assess competitive IP risk.
  • IP Managers
  • Portfolio Analysts
  • Competitive Intelligence Professionals


  • ~100 Million Patent Documents (40 full text collections)
  • All Boolean, proximity and special wildcard searching capabilities
  • All natural language, class profiling and other advanced search features
  • All data and capabilities of Searcher plus
  • Extended charts and visualizations
  • Technology and Competitive Landscaping
  • Patent Scoring and Meta Analytics
  • Public PAIR data and analytics (coming October 2016)




US Patents & Applications (Full Text)
EP Patents & Applications (Full Text)
PCT / WO Applications (Full Text)
German Patents & Applications (Full Text)
APAC: Japanese, Chinese & Korean (Full Text)
40 English Translated Patent Collections (Full Text)
62 Other Global Jurisdictions (Abstracts)
See complete listing of patent data collections covered


Normalized Assignee Names
Maintenance Events
Reassignment Events
DOCDB Family Data
Citation Data (forward and reverse)
Maintenance Dates
Normalized Agent Names
Guessed Assignee Names
DOCDB Legal Events


Direct Forward & Reverse Citation Counts
Serial Citation Counts
Examiner Citation Counts
Entity Status (Large/Small/Micro)
Claim Count
Priority Count
Inventor Count
Assignee Count
Family Size
Word Count
Pendency (in days)
Pending Flag
Length of Claim One
Granted Patent Number
Co-Citation Analysis
Column-Level Summary Stats
Patent Quality Score
Citation Quality Score
Technology Quality Score
Legal Quality Score


Inline Images (Patent Figures)
Download PDFs
Search by Figures


Chart by Date (Priority, File, Publication, Est. Expiration)
Chart by Assignee (current, original(applicant))
Chart by Class (CPC, IPC, US)
Class Bubble Chart
Visual Search Dashboard
Visual Assignee Dashboard
Class Bubble Chart
Assignee Bubble Chart
Citation Map
Evolution Chart
Abandonment Trend Chart
Survivorship Rate Chart
Maintenance Fee Chart
Forward Citing Patent Owners Chart
Reverse Cited Patent Owners Chart
Citation Pyramid Chart
Multi-Series Charting
Circles Tree-Map Visualization
One-Click Report (Patent Abstracts)


Share Research Folders
Share Saved Searches
Share Custom Fields ✔ (with add-on)
Share Matrix Landscapes
Document Clustering for Search
Similar Documents-Full Text
Similar Documents-Claims Text
Similar Documents-Class Fingerprinting
QueryFlow (Keyword query builder)
Matrix Queries
Custom Data Fields (Requires Add-On Module*)
Remembers Recent Documents
Remembers Recent Searches
Keyword Analyzer (single document)


Maximum Number of Saved Searches 500 1000
Maximum Number of Research Folders 500 1500
Maximum Number of Alerts Set 20 100
Export Reports (PDF or Word) (per export) 50 200
Export Information Disclosure Statement 50 100 Documents per IDS
Export First Claim (Claim One) 250 5,000
Export Full Claims 250 5,000
Export Citing Companies 5 5,000
Saved Query Matrices N/A 200
Custom Data Fields (Requires Add-On Module*) N/A Unlimited*
Maximum Documents Per Folder 15,000 50,000
Maximum Documents Per Import 15,000 50,000

Footnotes and disclaimers

* Custom fields are available for all plan levels, but require an add-on module and private data core. Call for pricing.