US File Wrapper Data in AcclaimIP

US File Wrapper Data in AcclaimIP—Shadow USPTO Public PAIR

Many users have been looking for an alternative to Public PAIR for accessing patent file wrapper data and documents.  USPTO PAIR is the Patent Application Information Retrieval system for looking up public file wrapper documents such as office actions, responses, and amended patent claims directly from the website.

Points Covered in Article

  1. USPTO file wrapper data included in AcclaimIP
  2. Fast (see video to see how fast)
  3. Updated weekly
  4. View one document at a time, or download the entire file wrapper in seconds.
  5. Searchable with 10 file wrapper-specific queries including meta-analytics
  6. Agent/Law Firm data included on US applications
  7. File Wrapper analytic & visualization tools are in upcoming releases



Now, AcclaimIP users can access file wrapper data for US patents and applications within the software.  Previously, we had a link to the file wrapper download, but we were sourcing the data from a vendor; it was slow, you had to download the full file wrapper, and couldn’t retrieve single documents.  Today, we host the file wrapper data ourselves.

File wrapper retrieval is fast!  In one test, we downloaded 20 full file wrappers on AcclaimIP vs PAIR and saved over one hour performing that simple task.  Watch the video below where I go over some of the key capabilities of our implementation.

Speed is important for sure since cumulatively millions of hours are wasted each year accessing data from USPTO PAIR, however PAIR is a look-up engine, not a search engine.  By contrast search is in AcclaimIP’s DNA, so we had to add search capabilities to US file wrapper data.

In our first release, we have included 10 file-wrapper-specific field codes for querying file wrapper data.  You can search for specific document types within specific date ranges or other specific conditions—something not possible with PAIR.

For example, what if you wanted to find all applications that have a Notice of Allowance (NOA) but have not yet granted—then quickly view the amended claims for your FTO search?  You can’t do it in PAIR except by looking up one document at a time.

What if you want to bucketize your portfolio by the number of office actions, to rank your law firm’s performance, or measure typical first office action response time, first office action allowance, appeal success rate and hundreds of other scenarios—you can’t any of these things in PAIR.

You may or may not know this, but the USPTO stopped publishing the names of law firms or practitioners on published applications in 2011, however law firm data can be extracted from the file wrapper, so we amended all US applications with the appropriate law firm—eliminating an important blind spot for law firm competitive analysis.

Finally, we are not stopping here.  In subsequent releases, we’ll layer an analytics suite on top of the file wrapper data.

We can’t say how excited we are about being the first to offer these data, but this is just the beginning.

Next week we’ll be announcing “Rejection Data.”  To prime the pump, I’ll just say this:

“In my view—after 10 years as a patent analyst—rejection data is the biggest, most important data available since the first patent research tool was delivered online.”

Matt Troyer, Director Patent Analytics, Anaqua, Inc.

It is a bold statement, but there has never been any better data to help you monetize your portfolio, establish a defensive position vis-à-vis your competitors, and assess competitive risk from patents.  So stay tuned!

Who has Access to File Wrapper Data?

PAIR is a free upgrade for all of our Analyst customers, and is included in the Practitioner seat.

Searcher users do not have access to file wrappers, however for a small fee, you can upgrade to a new “Practitioner” seat, which is essentially a searcher seat with additional file wrapper data.